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She Wore Ivory

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Tompkins • September 21, 2012

Ask any bride about planning her wedding, and chances are her eyes will light up when talk turns to the dress. Her dress. The dress.

I probably fall into the same category when discussing my vintage-inspired dress. My search began back in January at I knew I didn’t want the popular strapless, floor length gown but instead sought something with a vintage flair.

A few keystrokes later, I discovered Dolly Couture, an adorable retailer of handmade, short wedding dresses in Los Angeles. My sister lives in Los Angeles, so I set about scheduling a weekend trip in March. I hadn’t yet tried on a single wedding dress, and didn’t feel the need to do so until I walked into Dolly Couture’s boutique on a warm and sunny Saturday morning.

Although I originally had my heart set on the Pasadena gown, my sister, Katie, suggested I first try on the Beverlywood. And boy, was I glad I did. Within moments of slipping on the Beverlywood, I was sold.

This is my dress! I gleefully thought to myself. Katie and the shop’s owner, Dolly Thicke, both agreed.

The Beverlywood was the first wedding dress I ever tried on, and became the gown I eventually purchased. Although I tried on a few others at Dolly Couture, I kept going back to the Beverlywood.

When you find the dress you want, why bother shopping anywhere else? (Plus, it was time for lunch.)

Dolly and her staff were a dream to work with. My dress and the birdcage hat/veil arrived in Omaha about a month later in pristine condition. I couldn’t be happier now that I see a few early photos from our wedding weekend – and feel darn lucky to be one of probably a few brides who got to wear her dream dress not once, but twice!

We Are Married!

Photo by Chris Machian.

What a wonderful, whirlwind wedding weekend!

It has been a truly memorable few days. My husband (I LOVE saying that!) Matt Tompkins and I want to thank each of you who joined us on Friday and Saturday, and the many more who wished us well via the web.

Matt and I couldn’t be happier, and this past weekend was a culmination of our past six years together.

The two of us will now commence a week of well deserved rest and relaxation, followed by a lifetime of happiness, laughter, love, and Frank Sinatra seranades.

P.S. More photos are forthcoming! We will certainly share our ceremony and reception photos by the talented Janine McClintock Studios, along with the fun snapshots from the Saturday night photo booth, courtesy of MAK Images Photography.


Remember Your Tickets!

Wedding guests, we are counting down the days until our big day next month. The special celebration on Saturday, September 22, at the Whiskey Roadhouse is sure to be a memorable evening, down to every last detail.

You know those clever tickets you received with your invitation? They’re part of the experience.

And they are legit!

Please, please, please remember to bring your tickets to the Whiskey Roadhouse. They are required to attend our wedding reception.

And for those of you sentimental folks: yes, the tickets are yours to keep! 


Watch Your Mailbox

A few brown boxes currently sit in my trunk, containing our fresh-from-the-printer wedding invitations. How exciting!

A big thanks to the fine folks at Printco Graphics for making our pretty design a tangible reality and a piece worth keeping for years to come.

Now, the “fun” task of addressing begins! Watch your mailbox in the coming weeks.

Stop the Music

As we worked on booking a band for our wedding reception, we got to thinking: What are the absolute worst songs you’ve ever heard? What tunes should be forever stricken from any band or DJ’s playlist? What artist makes you cringe at every single reception, regardless of who’s getting married?

Share your comments below. The final list could be fun to review!